The Go To Agencies for Wildlife

One of the frustrations of wildlife conservation is determining who's in charge. At the state level, state agencies are responsible for managing most wildlife and fish populations. They set seasons and bag limits for species that are hunted and fished (e.g., deer, cottontails, trout, bass, bullfrogs). They're also responsible for the welfare of nongame species. In Pennsylvania, for example, the Game Commission and Fish and Boat Commission manage wildlife and fish. Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources … [Read more...]

Conservation Buffers

What is a conservation buffer? A conservation buffer is a small strip of land in permanent vegetation that helps to control an environmental problem or concern.  They are typically less expensive to install than other practices which require more engineering and construction.  There are many different types of buffers such as a windbreak which we discussed in a previous article,  shelter belts, field borders,  alley cropping,  areas of shallow water,  living snow fences, contour grass strips, vegetative barriers, and riparian buffers.  Each … [Read more...]