Plants for Wetlands

Many landowners have areas on their property that are considered wetlands or could be made into a wetland.  However, most are not familiar with the type of trees and shrubs which thrive in that type of environment. For a complete guide to creating a wetland on your property, listen to the audio podcast of this topic which is available for premium members.  Not a premium member, join now. Native Trees Tolerant of Wet Soils Red and Silver Maple River Birch Catalpa Ash Cottonwood Swamp White Oak Sycamore Native Shrubs Tolerant … [Read more...]

Common Agricultural Terms for the Landowner

Quite often we are asked by our readers for a glossary of terms on a particular subject.  Here is one that should be of considerable interest to all landowners  whether you are farming or not. Composting - the controlled aerobic decomposition of raw organic material. Conservation Crop Rotation - a system for growing several different crops in planned succession on the same field. Conservation Drainage - refers to several emerging technologies and methods that provide the benefits of conventional agricultural drainage. Conservation … [Read more...]