Heating with Wood

With energy costs rising each year, there is a growing interest in using renewable resources for our energy needs.  One such source is firewood.  Most of us are comfortable with building a fire in our fireplace realizing that it offers more in the way of atmosphere than heat.  But relying totally on firewood as your source of heat takes careful consideration and more knowledge that just being able to build a fire.  We found an excellent article prepared by the Cornell University Cooperative Extension and the New York State Department of … [Read more...]

"My Tree"

I received this essay from my mother in law the other day.  Her cousin, who is 91 and living in Flushing, NY, wrote it just prior to moving out of a house she lived in for over 50 years.  She calls it a "letter" to her tree, and it brings to mind that you don't have to live on 50 acres or live in rural America to appreciate the natural beauty God created. Cousin Frances lived in one of the most populated regions of this country and still understands the importance of taking care of this wonderful earth. “My Tree” From my window I … [Read more...]

Top Ten Mistakes in Planting Trees

Planting trees is always an exciting time.  You have a great idea as to how they will look once planted on your property and you can envision what they will become as they grow and prosper through the years.  There is also a lot of anxiety associated with planting trees;  Did I do it correctly?  Will the trees live?  What more can I do to make sure the trees thrive.  According to the Nebraska Forest Service, the ten most common mistakes in planting trees are: 1.   Poor selection - Make sure the tree is healthy to begin with.  Take the time … [Read more...]

Log Scale Stick

Here's a great tool to help you estimate trees sizes, so you can better understand timber value. It's easy to use and inexpensive. Check it out! … [Read more...]