Timberland as Part of Your Investment Portfolio

According to the folks at J.P Morgan, investors looking to boost returns, diversify, and participate in green investments may want to look at Timberland.  J.P. Morgan Investment Analytics and Consulting, a division of J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services, conducted an analysis of the company’s performance over the past 22 years.  The study showed that Timberland has provided an annualized return of 14.60% as well as impressive diversification benefits. The following article (which appears on the JP Morgan website) was written by Jeff … [Read more...]

Land as an Investment

I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone that land is a great investment, but for most people all they hear about land investment is what they hear from some Real Estate GURU with a pitch about how to get rich quick with residential real estate.  All the gurus make it sound so easy. But do you really want that? The headaches of buying houses, dealing with contractors in some never ending rehab operation, then trying to find tenants……then dealing with all the problems……broken water pipes…..busted water heaters……clogged toilets.  Do … [Read more...]

Who Owns the Forest?

Ever been going down the road, passing miles and miles of timberland and wonder, who owns all of this property? The answer is simple; 59% of all timberland is owned by private landowners - the you and me's of the world, 27% is owned by the public, and only 14% is owned by the forest industry. While timber products are the largest valued agricultural crop in the United States and the forest products industry employs 1.6 million people, the majority of the forests in this country are still owned by private citizens. … [Read more...]