A Place of Your Own Part Eight: Buying Land is a Team Sport

Let’s face it. Land can be complicated. There are components of land ownership, and there are characteristics of land that are not intuitively obvious. The truth is that you can study and research all you want, and you still won’t know all that you need to know. If you are serious about owning land, there are times that you are going to need professional help. You may know what a survey is and what a boundary line looks like, but I’m willing to bet that most of you are not qualified to verify a boundary line encroachment. You know what … [Read more...]

Planning for a Timber Cruise

There are many reasons for conducting a timber cruise on your property.  While it is an expense that may not have any immediate return on investment, it is in the best interest of landowners to know the value of their timber whether they are preparing to sell their property, determining net worth, considering a timber harvest, or simply making decisions on how to best manage their timber. Before conducting a timber cruise, landowners need to make sure that the professional involved in the timber cruise has all of the information he or she … [Read more...]

Forestry Tools – Measurement

Our last in the series of Forestry terms deals with measurement and if you are planning to cut timber, these are terms you will likely hear and want to be familiar with.  The picture to the left is a prime example of a defect in a tree which can considerably alter its worth when cutting timber.  For more information on timber measurement, view the Greenwood Project video on log scale sticks. Acre - An area of land measuring 43,560 square feet or 10 (66-foot) surveyor's chains by 1 (66-foot) chain. Basal Area -  The measurement taken, … [Read more...]