Forestry Tools – Silviculture

In part two of our series on Forestry terms, we are highlighting terms used with regard to silviculture; a term used often but misunderstood by many.  Simply put, silviculture is the manipulation of a forest stand to achieve desired production outcomes.  Whether you are a landowner or looking to invest in property either small or large, the following terms will help you better understand forest management. Bedding - A mechanical method used to prepare a site for planting seedlings, bedding involves plowing the ground to form cultivated … [Read more...]

Give the Wildlife a Place to Live

For every person who loves seeing wildlife on their property, there is another who tries everything to keep critters out.  I know many who spends thousands on landscaping only to see their money chewed up over night.  I agree, that wouldn't make me happy.   More and more, we are hearing about wildlife in the most unlikely of places, but for most of us, we aren't really surprised to find the deer have eaten our daisies.  That being the case, instead of fighting it, why not create a backyard habitat for the creatures who have either been … [Read more...]