A Place of Your Own – Make it A Family Decision

I have a good friend of mine who says that everybody needs a place to “go knock it in neutral” for a while. How true. I think we all want to own place where we can go and recharge our batteries, get in tune with nature, and get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives for a while. Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to buy some land. I had convinced myself I needed it, but I didn’t know how to approach my wife about it. I’m not sure how it is in your family. In mine, a hunting club membership might be my decision, but a land … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own

Tomorrow we will begin a new series entitled, "A Place of Your Own" which you find in my blog each week.  We have all read articles on how great land investment is and how it has out performed other investments over the course of the last fifteen years....but how many times can you say those things?  At the Greenwood Project, we believe our mission is to not only tell you what a great investment land and the latest news regarding investment issues but to help you get there.  In this series, we will go step by step through the process....of … [Read more...]