Controlling Aquatic Vegetation with Grass Carp

Controlling aquatic vegetation with grass carp is one of the options available to pond owners with aquatic plant problems. In many situations, the use of grass carp is an economical, long lasting, and effective option. However, grass carp are not appropriate for every pond with abundant aquatic plants. Whether grass carp should be stocked in a pond or not, depends on the goals for the pond, the plant species causing problems, and the probability of grass carp escaping the pond. Grass carp should not be stocked in a pond where attracting … [Read more...]

Avoid A Fish Kill

A catastrophe many pond managers experience each year is a fish kill due to dissolved oxygen (DO) depletion. Fish kills can occur any time the DO demand is greater than the water can supply — but pond managers can take steps to avoid such an event in their ponds. Fish kills commonly occur in ponds where channel catfish are fed supplemental food. Typically, the pond owner stocks fingerling catfish and begins a feeding program. Given the small size of the catfish, initially the pond water supplies plenty of oxygen. However, in seven or eight … [Read more...]