Pass It On…

The alarm blared off at 4:30 am.  It was still another hour and a half before daylight but the adrenaline was already kicking in.  A windy and clear March day was forecast for the Georgia turkey woods but this day was different.  Today I would not be chasing my old feathered friend with my shotgun but rather I would have the privilege of taking a young man turkey hunting for his first time in his life. After a quick shower and a shot of caffeine, I put on my old hunting shirt and I was ready to roll. I couldn’t help but notice my … [Read more...]

Opening Day

Opening Day.  There are no two other words like it.  Some relate the phrase to dove or quail hunting and some others even relate it to duck season or turkey hunting.  I personally relate it to the beginning of whitetail deer season and autumn, a time when Mother Nature begins to paint her landscape in vivid oranges, yellows, and reds.  In different parts of the country, it takes on different dates, but no matter where you live, Opening Day is a day of great anticipation.  It really doesn’t matter what game you may be chasing, that in itself is … [Read more...]