Common Problems with Burns

Planning and preparation for prescribed burns should start several months or even a year prior to a burn. The following issues represent the most common problems we encounter regarding well-intended, but poorly prepared or executed burns: Little training and experience Inadequate fine fuel Absence of a well-prepared burn plan Poorly prepared fireguards Coarse or volatile fuels too close to fireguards Impatience (related to poor decisions) Lack of training can be overcome by attending prescribed burning workshops and courses … [Read more...]

The Go To Agencies for Wildlife

One of the frustrations of wildlife conservation is determining who's in charge. At the state level, state agencies are responsible for managing most wildlife and fish populations. They set seasons and bag limits for species that are hunted and fished (e.g., deer, cottontails, trout, bass, bullfrogs). They're also responsible for the welfare of nongame species. In Pennsylvania, for example, the Game Commission and Fish and Boat Commission manage wildlife and fish. Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources … [Read more...]