Tips and Techniques – Water Terms

Water is always a topic that seems to come up whenever folks are buying land, selling it, or improving what they already own.  What is the difference between a creek and a stream?  a pond and a lake?  What is meant by riparian doctrine?  What is watershed?  a gaining stream?  porosity? Whether you are buying, selling, or improving, it is best to understand what these terms mean, and sometimes it can be an overwhelming task to search a host of different locations for such information.  We have compiled a list of nearly 100 terms that will be … [Read more...]

Water Glossary

A Absorption - the process by which chemicals in gaseous, liquid or solid phases are incorporated into and included within another gas, liquid, or solid chemical. For example, a sponge absorbs water. Acid mine drainage - water draining from areas that have been mined for coal or other mineral ores. The drainage water is acidic, sometimes having a pH less than 2.0, because of its contact with sulfur-bearing material. Acid rain - precipitation that has a low pH ( low pH is defined as anything less than 5.6). The precipitation becomes … [Read more...]