When you see a specific acreage on a “for sale” sign, an on-line listing, a real estate flyer, or a printed ad, do you ever wonder where the exact acreage comes from? How do they know exactly how many acres they are selling? And, how do you know (for sure) how many acres you are buying? It might not surprise you if I told you that both sellers and seller’s agents often use the tax records, recorded deeds, wills, family records, drawings, court documents, historical documents, and many other sources to determine acreage. What may surprise you … [Read more...]

Land as an Investment

I deal with clients all of the time that want to own land but do not view themselves as a land investor, and I think that is a mistake. Land is a capital asset. In most cases, it’s expensive, and for most people, a land investment will be the single most expensive investment they make in their lifetime except maybe for their home. Truth be told, your land purchase could be more expensive than your home. If you are a land buyer, whether you are a timber man, hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or stock market refugee, you are INVESTING. You … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own Part Five: The Land Search

A land investor friend of mine once told me, “The deal of the century comes along about once a week! With a little work, you’ll have more land to chose from than you can shake a stick at.” He was right. Finding land for sale is easy, provided you are willing to be creative and put forth a little effort. By all means use the internet, but remember that technology is no substitute for basic blocking and tackling. Looking for “land for sale” is only part of the process, but you’re also looking for land that can be purchased but MIGHT NOT be … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own Part Three: Get a Plan

It is a simple, undeniable fact that most of us aspire to own land. We all want a place in the country, a get away, a retirement retreat, a legacy to leave the kids. And while most of us want, unfortunately, most of us won’t. We all have the desire. We all have the ability to dream big dreams that start out, “Someday I’m going to own…..” So, why is it that most people never seem to get past dreaming about land ownership and actually pull the trigger? Is it fear? Is it lack of knowledge? Is it lack of finances? Maybe, but I think the … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own Part Two: Getting Started

I think people who aspire to own land have a mental image of a peaceful country setting….a place to go relax. They have an emotional commitment to getting a place in the country, but have no idea how to connect the dots between I want it and I have it. So, most people just go out and look at land. Their plan is to keep looking until something hits them at an emotional level. They are waiting for that “eureka” moment. It’s not a very efficient way to conduct a land search. I believe you need a process to keep you focused on what to do now… … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own – Make it A Family Decision

I have a good friend of mine who says that everybody needs a place to “go knock it in neutral” for a while. How true. I think we all want to own place where we can go and recharge our batteries, get in tune with nature, and get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives for a while. Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to buy some land. I had convinced myself I needed it, but I didn’t know how to approach my wife about it. I’m not sure how it is in your family. In mine, a hunting club membership might be my decision, but a land … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own

Tomorrow we will begin a new series entitled, "A Place of Your Own" which you find in my blog each week.  We have all read articles on how great land investment is and how it has out performed other investments over the course of the last fifteen years....but how many times can you say those things?  At the Greenwood Project, we believe our mission is to not only tell you what a great investment land and the latest news regarding investment issues but to help you get there.  In this series, we will go step by step through the process....of … [Read more...]

Looking for a Land Bargain

Shopping for a land bargain often results in shopping for the lowest price per acre, but Greenwood Project founder, Don Webb offers some perspective on land values and what landowners can do to protect their investment. ...... … [Read more...]

Land as an Investment

I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone that land is a great investment, but for most people all they hear about land investment is what they hear from some Real Estate GURU with a pitch about how to get rich quick with residential real estate.  All the gurus make it sound so easy. But do you really want that? The headaches of buying houses, dealing with contractors in some never ending rehab operation, then trying to find tenants……then dealing with all the problems……broken water pipes…..busted water heaters……clogged toilets.  Do … [Read more...]

When Looking for Land

[Read more...]