Zebra Mussels

Sometimes, due to a lack of natural controls such as disease or competitors, a non-native species can easily become established in a new area. Once established, it can out compete and displace the native species, disrupting and degrading the environment. That’s an invasive species. And the zebra mussel is definitely invasive. The zebra mussel is native to the Black, Caspian, and Azov Seas in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It was probably brought to the Great Lakes in the ballast water of a cargo ship. When the ballast was emptied, the … [Read more...]

Weed Wiper: Good for You and Bad for Weeds

Have you ever needed to spray your pasture, but it was too windy? Or have you ever needed to spray but didn't want to damage your clovers and other legumes? Do you want to save money, cut down on herbicide rates and help the environment? Then consider a weed wiper as your herbicide application method. If you can graze desirable forages so that weeds are 6 inches taller than the forages, a weed wiper will work for you. Many people are unfamiliar with wiper or wick applicators. However, they have been used for years to control volunteer corn … [Read more...]