In general, the word “improvement” means something that enhances value or utility. In real estate, an improvement is defined as a specific and permanent change to a property that enhances that property’s value, utility, or desirability. In real estate lingo, that usually means a building like a home, office building, shop, or garage. However, when we talk about land, improvements can take many forms which, more often than not, don’t involve buildings. If you are looking to “improve” your property, here are a few ideas that will not only … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own Part Seven: Access

What is the access like? This is one of the first questions I ask when evaluating land to buy, and it’s one of the first questions you should ask, as well. Here’s why. For most people, obstacles to access present a problem. I guess it really makes sense. If you are looking to buy land, you want to be able to get to it, get on it, and get around it. Here are some things to consider. Easy access via state highway or interstate can make for a convenient drive, but too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing. Too much … [Read more...]

Tips and Techniques – Building a Road

Building a "woods" road doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't need to be disruptive (or destructive) to the natural beauty of your land.  Here's an idea on how to build a good road - quickly, inexpensively, and with little impact to nature. … [Read more...]