Different Types of Gardens

Gardens are always a nice topic to discuss but it seems to be even more pleasant to talk about these days when so many of us have been inundated with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures for the past few months.  Hoping the Groundhog was correct yesterday, we can all envision and dream of the garden warmer temperatures will bring.  But what type of garden will you plant?  Tired of the doing the same thing every year?  We have some ideas. John Fech, from the UNL Extension Service, says, "generally, a garden is a plot of ground on your acreage … [Read more...]

Gardening As We Age

We came across this article written by TC Conner and thought it was worthy of sharing.  Whether you are reaching this age or already there or have parents who are, take note.  We don't have to give up things we enjoy, we just need to know how to adjust. The aging process cannot be put on hold, but seniors with physical limitations can still enjoy gardening well into their golden years by changing how they garden. Some, if not most, of you are baby boomers like me, but I would be naive to think that we're all equally physically fit. You … [Read more...]