Log Scale Stick

Here's a great tool to help you estimate trees sizes, so you can better understand timber value. It's easy to use and inexpensive. Check it out! … [Read more...]

Foresters – Which One Do You Need?

When searching for a forester, are you aware there are different types and each can assist you with your different needs?  Always remember, that in most states, any person who calls themselves a "forester" and works for hire on land that he or she does not own (state, federal and corporate lands are an exception must be registered by their given State  Board of Registration for Foresters. Listed below are the different types of foresters you may come across and an explanation of what they do and what their area of expertise is.  This should … [Read more...]

More Good News!

Did you realize that forest land has increased 10% since 1920, despite a 143% increase in population!! Also, over 36 million acres of commercially suited forest land are in permanent preserves that will never be harvested.  That is good news! … [Read more...]