A Place of Your Own – Make it A Family Decision

I have a good friend of mine who says that everybody needs a place to “go knock it in neutral” for a while. How true. I think we all want to own place where we can go and recharge our batteries, get in tune with nature, and get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives for a while. Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to buy some land. I had convinced myself I needed it, but I didn’t know how to approach my wife about it. I’m not sure how it is in your family. In mine, a hunting club membership might be my decision, but a land … [Read more...]


2010….I can hardly believe it’s a new decade, my son turned 16,  and the next time we face a new decade, he will be 26…..notice I didn’t mention I would be ten years older as well.  It is moments like these that make me realize that the time we as family spend together is priceless and is always cherished.  It also makes me realize how much the great outdoors has played a part in our family time.  Each year my wife makes a scrapbook for both of our moms highlighting all of the things we did as a family and almost all of our family’s activities … [Read more...]

Opening Day

Opening Day.  There are no two other words like it.  Some relate the phrase to dove or quail hunting and some others even relate it to duck season or turkey hunting.  I personally relate it to the beginning of whitetail deer season and autumn, a time when Mother Nature begins to paint her landscape in vivid oranges, yellows, and reds.  In different parts of the country, it takes on different dates, but no matter where you live, Opening Day is a day of great anticipation.  It really doesn’t matter what game you may be chasing, that in itself is … [Read more...]