Forestry Tools – Forest Harvesting

Part three in our Forestry Tools series deals with harvesting and the issues and tools used.  If you missed the first two parts,  Part One on Forestry Management or Part Two which highlighted Silviculture terms are still accessible to all. Broad base dip - An erosion control practice for roads; a shallow depression constructed diagonally across a woods road to drain water off the road. Buffer strip - An area of land in vegetation that is (a) located downslope from forest activities that protects from sediment runoff, especially along … [Read more...]

How To Build An All Weather Road

Sometimes building a road to access your property comes with complications, particularly when the location for the road involves areas where water accumulates.  Whether your road needs to cross a wet weather drain or a low area that can stay wet or swampy during extended periods of rain.  Here are some tips to help you create an all weather road on your property. … [Read more...]