What is conservation…..really?

A simple question..... Last week I asked a question of our Facebook Fans.  What does conservation mean to you?  My thoughts were that conservation had become a general term whose meaning depended a lot on the person who used it (and their political viewpoint).  It is with this mindset as a backdrop that I spent three days attending the Mother Earth News Fair in central PA last week. Conservation vacation? I'm not really sure what I expected, but the Mother Earth News folks had asked me to come speak about landowner responsibility, … [Read more...]

Common Agricultural Terms for the Landowner

Quite often we are asked by our readers for a glossary of terms on a particular subject.  Here is one that should be of considerable interest to all landowners  whether you are farming or not. Composting - the controlled aerobic decomposition of raw organic material. Conservation Crop Rotation - a system for growing several different crops in planned succession on the same field. Conservation Drainage - refers to several emerging technologies and methods that provide the benefits of conventional agricultural drainage. Conservation … [Read more...]

Minnesota’s Largest Land Conservation Deal Complete

The Conservation Fund, The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Blandin Paper Company (UPM) have announced the completion of a working forest conservation easement that will protect 187,876 acres of Northwoods forests.  This will not only provide public access for hunting, fishing, birdwatching, and other recreational activities, but protect existing hiking and snowmobile trails.  Read more here … [Read more...]

Feedback for America’s Great Outdoors Initiative

America’s Great Outdoors Initiative On April 16th, 2010, the President established America’s Great Outdoors Initiative to promote and support innovative community level efforts to conserve outdoor spaces and reconnect Americans to the outdoors. The President has also launched a national dialogue about conservation in America to learn about some of the smart, creative ways communities are conserving outdoor spaces.  As part of this process, The Greenwood Project’s Don Webb was invited to participate in a round table event in Charleston, … [Read more...]

America’s Great Outdoors Initiative

Greenwood Project participates in America’s Great Outdoors Initiative On Monday, June 28th, 2010, Greenwood Project Founder and CEO, Don Webb, participated in a roundtable discussion with members of several government agencies, conservation organizations, and representatives from private industry.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide feedback directly to President Obama for The White House Initiative on America’s Great Outdoors. The President established the America’s Great Outdoors initiative to promote and support innovative … [Read more...]

Conservation Tips Made Easy

We constantly receive tips on how to conserve and be better stewards of the great outdoors we have inherited.  If you are like me, sometimes when you read these tips, you see the first one, and say, "it's impossible for me to do that" and don't bother to read the rest that may be attainable.  I think the first one that comes to mind is the advice to carpool or take public transportation.  Great suggestion if you live in a city but for those living in rural America not only is public transportation out, for the most part carpooling is as well.  … [Read more...]

"My Tree"

I received this essay from my mother in law the other day.  Her cousin, who is 91 and living in Flushing, NY, wrote it just prior to moving out of a house she lived in for over 50 years.  She calls it a "letter" to her tree, and it brings to mind that you don't have to live on 50 acres or live in rural America to appreciate the natural beauty God created. Cousin Frances lived in one of the most populated regions of this country and still understands the importance of taking care of this wonderful earth. “My Tree” From my window I … [Read more...]

USDA Seeks Conservation Acres for New Farmers

Land owners who are willing to sell or lease conservation acres to new farmers could receive federal money because of a new program offered by the Department of Agriculture. Click here to learn more and read article … [Read more...]

The Future of America

If you want to see the best America has to offer, look no further than the kids of FFA. The FFA website describes the organization's mission like this: "The National FFA Organization operates under a Federal Charter granted by the 81st Congress of the United States, and is an integral part of public instruction in agriculture.  The U.S. Department of Education provides leadership and helps set direction for the FFA as a service to state and local agricultural education programs.  The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a … [Read more...]