A Place of Your Own Part 16: Ask a Landowner

I dreamed for 20 years of owning a little place in the country, but my dreams always seemed a long way away. I was like a kid on the high dive with my toes over the end of the board desperately wanting to jump, but afraid I was going to do something wrong and wind up doing a belly flop instead of a dive. I knew I could do it. I had seen other people do it, but I just couldn’t overcome the uncertainty that came with having never done it before. I was afraid I was going to make a mistake. The problem is that most people will never make … [Read more...]

A Place of Your Own Part Two: Getting Started

I think people who aspire to own land have a mental image of a peaceful country setting….a place to go relax. They have an emotional commitment to getting a place in the country, but have no idea how to connect the dots between I want it and I have it. So, most people just go out and look at land. Their plan is to keep looking until something hits them at an emotional level. They are waiting for that “eureka” moment. It’s not a very efficient way to conduct a land search. I believe you need a process to keep you focused on what to do now… … [Read more...]