Beekeeping Glossary of Terms

In our last article, we introduced Beekeeping as an activity thousands enjoy.  In Part Two, we will go over some key terms that will help you in understanding what it takes to get started in this fascinating outdoor activity, and explain the equipment that is needed.  The seven main supplies (in addition to bees) you will need to get started are the frame, hive body or brood chamber, super, smoker, hive tool, bee veil, and gloves. Frame - a piece of equipment made of either wood or plastic designed to hold the honeycomb that the honeybees … [Read more...]


Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States are beekeepers, yet we seem to know very little about this activity. To understand the pursuit and enjoyment of beekeeping, we first need to learn the basics of honeybees. Most of us think of getting stung when we think of honeybees and because of that, many people are afraid of them.  We seem to lump all  insects that buzz and sting into one group and this is wrong.  Honeybees only sting when they or their home is being threatened. The drone or male honeybee cannot sting at all and … [Read more...]