Interviews with the Experts

Interview 1: Don Ellers, “The Landcrawler”

As a former novice land buyer, Don Ellers still remembers the challenges of the process, and he offers great insight on how to “learn the ropes” of land ownership. As you listen, pay special attention to his discussion of using your retirement funds to buy land using Self Directed IRAs. This is a GREAT idea, and way better than watching your retirement dwindle away in the stock market.

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Interview 2: Mark Beck of Hunting Pro Properties

What an interesting story! In this exclusive interview, you’ll hear how Mark went from farm boy, to professional golfer, to land owner. As he talks about buying his first farm, pay special attention to how Mark leveraged federal and state programs to offset his costs of ownership. What a concept! Buy some land…..Improve the wildlife habitat……Conserve it for you and your family…….AND have the government help you pay the bills.

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Interview 3 : Strategies for 1031 Tax Free Exchanges

Coming in March 2010

Interview 4 : Land Appraisal and Valuation

Coming in April 2010

Interview 5 : Wetland and Stream Mitigation

Coming in May 2010

Interview 6 : Lake Construction Considerations

Coming in June 2010