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Greenwood Project is a community designed for people interested in maximizing the land ownership experience through investing, conservation, and enjoyment.  Not only would the novice aspiring landowner feel at home here, but also everyone from the most experienced land managers to the real estate agent or investor.  By creating an Insider Membership Community for landowners, aspiring land owners, conservationists, land managers, investors, real estate professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts, we have created a single source for advice, tips, how-to’s and the latest news and information about land investing, conservation, and the outdoor lifestyle

First and foremost, Greenwood Project is about you! Our goal is to help you achieve your land ownership goals and to maximize the land ownership experience.
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Exclusive Land Investment, Conservation and Management Training

As an Insider you will get expert advice straight from the source. Our line up includes an exciting array of bona fide land pros providing information you can use and in terms anyone can understand.

Insider Training will give you access to the Greenwood Philosophy and approach to investment, conservation, and the outdoor lifestyle. We take the guesswork out of land investing, land improvements, and more, and provide you with information you can immediately put into practice. Best part is these are available when you are. You can watch them anytime.
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Sounds Great.  But How Much Is It?

Whether you are new to land ownership or a seasoned land pro, the information here is invaluable.  We’re landowners and conservationists at heart, and we know how difficult it is to get accurate and up to date information. We also know how valuable your time is. The goal of the Project is to be a one stop source of information about land ownership.  If you hired a consultant to provide you this information, it would cost you thousands of dollars.  If you tried to locate and evaluate meaningful information online, you  could spend weeks, months, or even years.  (We know because we did!)  How much is your time worth?

Well, for less than the cost of one meal at a fast food joint, you can have monthly access to a place where industry experts have assembled all the information you would ever need to be “in the know” about land investment, conservation, and the outdoor lifestyle.  We sort through all you “could” know and boil it down to what you NEED to know.  We provide down to earth, practical information in terms anyone can understand.  Our goal is to communicate in such a way that makes people want to come back for more by being easy to listen to, easy to understand, yet always presenting an informative and pertinent message.

Still not sure?  Well sign up for our Insider Basic Membership.  It’s FREE.  Check us out.  Kick the tires.  We’re sure you’ll like what you find and want more.

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