Learn the Signs

While hiking along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania I crossed a road and found myself in a very non-Appalachian Trail setting: broken bags of trash, random tires, shell casings, and an old rusty truck in the middle of the “trail”. Since I left Springer Mountain in Georgia over 1,000 miles ago I had not encountered anything like it. When I came upon the rotten deer carcass, minus the head of course, I started to think that I might not be on the Appalachian Trail anymore. But how could I have gotten lost on one of the world’s longest … [Read more...]

Dressing For Winter Weather

During the winter, many people believe their favorite outdoor activities go into hibernation. They’ll put away their toys for a few months and then increase their Netflix account to “3-movies-at-home-at-a-time”. I’ll admit that I’ve allowed more than one cold season to keep me from hopping on my mountain bike, or spending a night in the woods. One way to help stack the odds in your favor is to dress appropriately for your activity. Choosing the proper materials and layering your clothing are great ways to insure comfort when you’re in cold … [Read more...]