A Place of Your Own – Make it A Family Decision

I have a good friend of mine who says that everybody needs a place to “go knock it in neutral” for a while. How true. I think we all want to own place where we can go and recharge our batteries, get in tune with nature, and get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives for a while. Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to buy some land. I had convinced myself I needed it, but I didn’t know how to approach my wife about it. I’m not sure how it is in your family. In mine, a hunting club membership might be my decision, but a land … [Read more...]

Is the Hunting Industry Missing the Point?

Wildlife management, particularly white-tailed deer management, is becoming more and more commercialized. Hunting magazines and TV shows bombard landowners and hunters with commercials from seed companies, feed dealers and feeder manufacturers. They are catchy ads, too, with pictures of huge, sometimes out-of-proportion antlers and promising trade names such as "Rack-Up," "Antler King," "Rack Attrack," "BigAz' Feeder," "Rackmaster," "Pro-Vide," "Bio-Logic," "Big Buck Crunch," and the list goes on. Food plot implement dealers and deer stand … [Read more...]

What is conservation…..really?

A simple question..... Last week I asked a question of our Facebook Fans.  What does conservation mean to you?  My thoughts were that conservation had become a general term whose meaning depended a lot on the person who used it (and their political viewpoint).  It is with this mindset as a backdrop that I spent three days attending the Mother Earth News Fair in central PA last week. Conservation vacation? I'm not really sure what I expected, but the Mother Earth News folks had asked me to come speak about landowner responsibility, … [Read more...]

Practical Guide to Buying Land – Sample

Here's an excerpt from "A Practical Guide to Buying Land" that gives a straightforward overview of what the course covers.  It also lays out a road-map for success for anyone who aspires to own land for investment, conservation, or recreation. [display_podcast] . To get started on the path to land ownership...... Order A Practical Guide to Buying Land. … [Read more...]

Iowa State Extension – Report on Farmland Returns

Here's the full report on farmland returns from Iowa State University. The report includes estimates of the average returns from owning farmland since 1970. Annual returns are in two forms: cash returns and change in market value. Total return is the sum of these two. The source of data for cash rents and land values is the Economic Research Service (USDA) data series for whole farm rents and value, not data from ISU Extension, which refers to rental rates for corn/soybean land only. Read "Returns to Farmland Owners" … [Read more...]

We Did It!!!

The Greenwood Project Insider Access Makeover is complete! Our technical team has spent months working out the kinks of our new Insider Dashboard and navigation system to support our growing array of content. We want the Greenwood Project Insider Membership to be a valuable resource where we provide you a comprehensive source of information for all things land oriented. We want the Insider Membership area to be: An online resource for landowners, aspiring land owners, conservationists, land managers, investors, real estate … [Read more...]

Webinar Schedule is coming SOON!

Insiders......Please check back soon.  In a couple of days, we'll be posting our complete webinar schedule for the rest of the year.  We'll also be sending out an email when the schedule is posted, PLUS we'll include it in our monthly newsletter. We also want your feedback.  If there is a topic you'd like us to cover, please take a minute to make suggestions by posting a comment below. … [Read more...]

Limited Time Insider Discount

Hey Insiders! For the month of August, you can get a 25% discount on any of our online course material.  If you've been thinking about buying A Practical Guide to Buying Land or Forestry for the Non-Forester, now's the time. Just enter GWP2010 as the coupon code at checkout. … [Read more...]

Backyard Wetlands

As many people know, wetlands are an important part of the ecosystem.  They provide food, cover and nesting sites for a variety of wildlife - many of which are becoming increasingly rare.  Even so, many people (even those who have a great love for wildlife) have been taught that wetlands are "wastelands" which serve no purpose unless they are drained and "put to good use."  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Properly managed, wetlands enhance the visual appeal of property, provide necessary filtration and purification of … [Read more...]

Interview 2: Using Conservation Programs to Buy Land

What an interesting story! In this exclusive interview, you’ll hear how Mark went from farm boy, to professional golfer, to land owner. As he talks about buying his first farm, pay special attention to how Mark leveraged federal and state programs to offset his costs of ownership. What a concept! Buy some land…..Improve the wildlife habitat……Conserve it for you and your family…….AND have the government help you pay the bills. ******* Greenwood Project with Don Webb … [Read more...]