Fear and Lack of Knowledge Are the Main

Reasons Most People Never Realize Their


And that’s a shame!

Are You Chasing the Dream?

Whether the motivation is hunting, fishing, bird watching, hiking, or just walking in the woods …..the Outdoor Lifestyle is attractive.  And, as cities get busier and busier, our lives get more complicated, and our kids grow up way too fast, we all need a place to get away from the hustle and bustle to recharge our batteries, or spend time with the family, or just get away for a while.

For most folks, it’s a dream.

The problem is that most people will never make good on the dream.

Ever wonder why is it that some people actually live the dream of land ownership, while others never seem able to get past …..just……. dreaming?   I’ll tell you a secret.  It isn’t a lack of desire……..it’s lack of knowledge.  It’s hard to figure out how to do something that you’ve never done before…..no matter how bad you want it.

What’s holding you back?

Is it fear?  Lack of knowledge?  Never done it before? Afraid you are going to make a mistake?  Wish you had a mentor?  Don’t know who to trust?

Well, here’s some good news!

With the Greenwood Project’s “Practical Guide to Buying Land” we take the guesswork out of land investing by providing information you can immediately put into practice in a step-by-step proven systematic approach.  Using our 10 step plan for land ownership, you can connect the dots between wanting land and actually HAVING IT.  We’ll show you how we apply our expertise and experience EVERY DAY for our own investment business and to advise our clients…….many of them land investors or outdoor enthusiasts just like you.

Let me be clear……..This is not some get rich quit scheme!  A Practical Guide to Buying Land is a philosophy…..and a roadmap.  It’s a proven way to create a rewarding and profitable land ownership experience…….and to have fun doing it.

A Practical Guide to Buying Land is a MUST HAVE for Land Investors, Aspiring Landowners, and Real Estate Agents.

In A Practical Guide to Buying Land you’ll learn about…..

How professional land investors locate, evaluate, and acquire land

The valuable components and characteristics of rural property

The key professionals you need to know and have on your team

How land characteristics affect potential usage and value

Techniques that will save you time and money

The top ten mistakes most first time land buyers make AND how to avoid them

Fundamentals of timber and timber valuation

Key clauses and contingencies that you need in EVERY contract for land

Sources of financing specifically for land


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