Learn How to INVEST,

This audio & video series is a step by step guide to understanding rural property investment, and is packed with tips, advice, and common sense ideas to take you from wanting land, to actually owning land.

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Here’s how The Practical Guide to Buying Land works:

Easy to access, easy to listen to, and easy to understand, this 6 plus hour audio/video series can be viewed online or downloaded to any mp3 player and provides a step by step guide to understanding rural property investment. A must have for those buying, selling or improving land.

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Practical Guide to Buying Land Success Stories:

“Through The Greenwood Project, I’ve gained incredible knowledge and resources that enables me to give my clients the service they deserve. It’s amazing to have access to information that would take years of experience to get on your own.

“Don Webb wants to give back to you all the knowledge he has learned over the years. He wants to educate you on the many uses of land and it’s value.”

“Don Webb is a unique, seasoned, and successful land investor. By being a pioneer and preparing the way, he is perfecting a niche market via the Greenwood Project to enable others, like myself, to maximize the land ownership experience.”

In A Practical Guide To Buying Land, You’ll Learn:

How professional land investors locate, evaluate, and acquire land

The valuable components and characteristics of rural property

The key professionals you need to know and have on your team

How land characteristics affect potential usage and value

Techniques that will save you time and money

Mistakes most first time land buyers make AND how to avoid them

Fundamentals of timber and timber valuation

Key Clauses & Contingencies you need in EVERY contract for land

Sources of financing specifically for land