All You Needed To Know About Timber In Terms You Can Understand

This audio and video series provides a straightforward approach to understand forestry, including terminology, timber valuation, and a complete overview of forestry and forest resources in layman’s terms.  We’ll teach you how to “speak the language” of forestry

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Here’s how Forestry For The Non Forester works:

Easy to access, easy to listen to, and easy to understand, this 2 plus hour audio/video series can be viewed online or downloaded to any mp3 player and provides a step by step guide to understanding forestry.  This is must have for real estate agents, landowners, and aspiring landowners.

Listen & Learn at home

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Forestry For The Non Forester Success Stories:

“Because of Forestry for the Non Forester, I can better take care of the land I own and understand what to do and what not to do.  It would have taken me years to learn this on my own.”

“This product puts Forestry in terms anyone can understand and any land owner can benefit from no matter how long you have owned your land.”

“Forestry for the Non Forester is what EVERY landowner needs.  So much information but so easy to understand.”

“Don Webb and his course, Forestry for the Non Forester, have saved me from making huge mistakes on my own property.  It was worth the investment tenfold.”

What you’ll get with Forestry for the Non Forester:

•What you really need to know to understand timber value

Key terns of forestry and what they mean

Life cycle timber

Why the forest resources on your land are important and valuable

Forestry management strategies for the novice or experienced land owner

What makes a good forester and how to find one

The Basics of Forestry

What a Forester Does and how they do it

• Where to start your timber education and who to trust