The Greenwood Philosophy

The Greenwood Project is a two part initiative to promote the benefits of the outdoor lifestyle and the preservation practices that lead to rewarding and profitable land ownership

Our Goal

The goal of the Greenwood Project is to show through educational material and live demonstrations, that land ownership and the responsible, conservation oriented stewardship of our natural resources are an undeniable way for anyone to achieve both financial and quality of life goals.

Our Mission

The Greenwood Project is a “green” initiative in a time where taking care of our planet is a top priority for most, but making a difference seems unattainable and distant to many.  The Greenwood Project is a quality of life enabler in a time when many of us lead lives that are far too busy, with kids who grow up way to fast.  The Greenwood Project is a financially stable investment alternative in an economy where instability and uncertainly are both common and frightening to most people.  The Greenwood Project is an opportunity to restore, recapture, and rebuild.

Our Belief

We believe with land ownership comes responsibility, and we wear our conservation and management principals as a badge of honor.  It is our core belief that we need to leave this earth better than we found it.   We live by that code. Our motto is “invest in the outdoors…..conserve the outdoors…..enjoy the outdoors.”

Educational Products

A Practical Guide to Buying Land
Forestry for the Non Forester
Interviews with the Experts
A Practical Guide to Land Improvement
Evaluation & Investment Strategies for Rural Property
Blending Aesthetics, Forestry, and Wildlife Strategies
Creating Wealth and Maximizing Return on Investment

Available on Audio CD’s, Video DVD’s, and through Podcasts, On line videos, webinars, live seminars, and workshops


The Greenwood Project team finds distressed and neglected “project” properties and shows, first hand, how to take a “diamond in the rough” and polish it into something beautiful.  Best of breed products, tools techniques, and practices are highlighted.  Viewers will learn how anyone can further their enjoyment of the outdoors by actually owning a piece of it.  Special emphasis is given to conservation, preservation, and best management practices that ensure the Great Outdoors will still be great and green when our kids inherit it.