Meet Don Webb….

It has been said by many that Don has a heart for land and the outdoors.  Perhaps it is because he has spent his entire life in the outdoors. Raised in Itta Bena, MS (which is an Indian translation for “home in the woods”), Don learned early the benefits of living the outdoor lifestyle and has become an avid outdoorsman and conservationist.  Over the past several years, Don has been able to use his passion for the outdoors and his business background to develop a successful land investment business.  It is Don’s core belief that we need to leave this earth better than we found it.  As he says, “the best way to enjoy and conserve the outdoors, is to own a piece of it.”  He believes that land ownership and the responsible stewardship of our natural resources are an undeniable path to achieve financial and quality of life goals.  For these reasons, Don founded The Greenwood Project.

Don’s goal with the Greenwood Project is to give back all of the knowledge he has learned over the years. Through live seminars and his audio and video series, Don has educated both novices and professionals on the benefits of land ownership.  His seminars and series include topics on how to buy rural property, how to sell it, how to improve and maximize the land ownership experience, and the best ways to conserve the great outdoors.  He is a natural at what he does and is always excited to share his stories, experiences, and expertise with others.

Although many of us end up miles from where we were born and raised, in the end we really don’t ever forget where we came from……Don is truly “home in the woods.”