Storm Relief 2011

Tornado 2011

If you are sitting in your home surrounded by four standing walls and you don’t have water seeping in from one of the dozen rivers overflowing their banks, I hope you will count your blessings and continue reading.  Between the tornadoes that ravaged the Southeast nearly four weeks ago, those that devastated the Midwest over the weekend, and the flooding along the Mississippi River, there are thousands of people in this country who need our help.  While monetary donations and essentials such as water are welcomed and needed, your labor is what will be absolutely critical to the rebuilding of so many areas in this country.  As disasters keep mounting and time goes on, those of us involved in the relief effort have many concerns:

  • Will those already volunteering get tired and burned out before the work is completed?
  • Will the population, in general, slowly forget all of the work that still needs to be done as time passes?
  • With the coming of summer, will people get caught up in summer vacations, camps, and other fun activities leaving no time for the relief effort?
  • Will the upcoming hurricane season bring more disaster and devastation to other regions and those already affected?

At the Greenwood Project, we believe in promoting outdoor enjoyment and always will, but today we are asking our community of followers to give up a day of outdoor enjoyment and help those in need.  Imagine if everyone gave up one day, how much could be accomplished?

We can all find a multitude of reasons to opt out of giving our time to help.  Don’t be blinded by how busy you think you are, how hot it may be, your age, your physical stature, or anything else.  There is plenty to be done, and there are jobs for people of all shapes, sizes and ages.  If you can’t operate a chainsaw or drag limbs, you can make sandwiches for those that can.  There is work for everyone, and there are no unimportant jobs.

As you plan your summer vacation,  as you plan your outdoor activities for the next few months, consider using some of that time doing something you may not have ever imagined doing or have ever done before.

It’s not difficult to make a difference in the lives of people who lost so much.

If you simply don’t know where to go to volunteer, contact us.  It can be a maze to get to the right place but relief organizations are out there, and they are hoping and praying for folks like you to call.  Make the right decision, give up a day on the lake or a day in the mountains and be that “angel” Francisca Battestelli sings about in the video you just watched.

For more information on how to be a part of Storm Relief 2011, contact The Greenwood Project at 706-575-4178 or


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