Biosecurity, simply put, is protecting the health of humans and animals from disease.  Taking precautions and setting up some preventative measures is the best way to reduce the risk of disease and transmission, particularly with regard to livestock.   Disease can move from farm to farm or animal to animal in a number of ways.  They can be transmitted by rodents, pets, equipment, humans or the air.

Below are a few simple ways to practice biosecurity that can make your farm a healthy place for your animals.

  • Provide plenty of feed, water and shelter.
  • Use low stress management and handling.
  • Minimize fence line contact with neighboring animals.
  • Purchase feed from a reputable source.
  • Purchase livestock from reputable sources.
  • Isolate sick animals.
  • Do not share equipment with a neighbor unless it has been disinfected between uses.
  • Have an insect control program in place.
  • Have a rodent control program in place.
  • Pets, such as dogs or cats should have limited access to pens and feedbunks, as they can quickly spread disease.
  • Remove manure and dead animals in a timely manner.
  • If visitors come, control the access they have to your animals, since humans can also transfer disease.
  • Anyone who touches or is around animals should wash their hands with soap and water after being around them to prevent spread of disease.
  • Keep records of all treatments, disease and movement of animals.

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