What is conservation…..really?

A simple question…..

Last week I asked a question of our Facebook Fans.  What does conservation mean to you?  My thoughts were that conservation had become a general term whose meaning depended a lot on the person who used it (and their political viewpoint).  It is with this mindset as a backdrop that I spent three days attending the Mother Earth News Fair in central PA last week.

Conservation vacation?

I’m not really sure what I expected, but the Mother Earth News folks had asked me to come speak about landowner responsibility, stewardship, and blending conservation into a land ownership strategy (all things I believe in), so I happily went.  For the record, central PA is BEAUTIFUL this time of year with rolling hills, farmland, and small comfortable towns.  Fall was in the air, and since I left 98 degree temps in GA, a welcome change.  I had a great time.  My session was well attended, as was the entire event.  People came from all over – speakers, vendors, and attendees.  Well over 10,000 people were there over two days.

Here’s what I found out about the Mother Earth News crowd:

  • They are ordinary folks just like you and me.
  • They have a love of all things outdoors.
  • They are passionate.
  • They have some great ideas (and great products).
  • They are mostly apolitical.
  • They just want to make a difference.
  • They are nearly all  landowners and aspiring landowners.
  • They believe simple is better than complicated.

Here’s what I found out about conservation:

  • It is alive and well.
  • It is being carried out every day by ordinary folks doing extraordinary things.
  • It is much more about passion than it is about politics.
  • It is a surefire way to create a rewarding and PROFITABLE land ownership experience.

Here’s what I found out about me:

  • I like central PA.
  • I like the folks at Mother Earth News.
  • I want to learn (and share) more about the people and products that make up the grassroots conservation movement.

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