Backyard Wetlands

As many people know, wetlands are an important part of the ecosystem.  They provide food, cover and nesting sites for a variety of wildlife – many of which are becoming increasingly rare.  Even so, many people (even those who have a great love for wildlife) have been taught that wetlands are “wastelands” which serve no purpose unless they are drained and “put to good use.”  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Properly managed, wetlands enhance the visual appeal of property, provide necessary filtration and purification of groundwater, and serve as a host habitat for many beautiful plants and animals.

In the following audio segments, Greenwood Project Founder Don Webb takes an in depth look at how wetlands can be managed, created, and appreciated from the farm to your backyard.

Part 1: Wetlands on The Farm

[audio:|titles=1-On The Farm]

Part 2: What is a Wetland

[audio:|titles=2-What is a Wetland]

Part 3: Where to Locate a Wetland

[audio:|titles=3-Where to Locate]

Part 4: Building a Wetland

[audio:|titles=4-Building a Wetland]

Part 5: What to Plant

[audio:|titles=5-What to Plant]

Part 6: In Your Backyard

[audio:|titles=6-In Your Backyard]

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