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Hey Folks….

About a month ago, we embarked on an ambitious project to redesign the Greenwood Project website to support the goal of providing practical,  down to earth information.  We did so with the following “mission statement” in mind. is….

  • An online resource for landowners, aspiring land owners, conservationists, land managers, investors, real estate professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts
  • A place for advice, tips, how-to’s and the latest news and information about land investing, conservation, and the outdoor lifestyle.
  • All about promoting land ownership and land stewardship as an undeniable path to achieve both financial and quality of life goals
  • Genuine, Honest, and Authentic
  • Committed to ensuring that the Great Outdoors will still be great (and green) when our kids inherit it.

As we move forward, I want to make sure that we always stay focused on the opinions that matter most……YOURS.  So I want to ask for your feedback.  Please take a minute to post a comment below and let us know:

Is the website/content valuable to you?

How do you like the new design/layout?

What information do you like/dislike the most?

What topics would you like more/less of?

What is you favorite “media” style (articles, audio, video)?



    Being in PAKISTAN we enjoy your articles on OUT DOOR LIFE STYLES .We feel that this is more closer to mother nature.You are doing a great job to advocate to conserve the natural greens and preserve these for the generations to come.This will not only protect the environment but also will help current and future human population breathe in fresh air and live in ideal conditions to enjoy peace of mind.Your untiring efforts in promoting and highlighting greenwood projects are very much appreciated in this part of the world where every piece of green land is being converted to high rise buildings instead of utilising this
    for Foresty and Agriculture to grow food to feed hundreds of hungry people .We salute your efforts. I have the honour to read out your articles and translate these into our local and national language URDU
    AS people in rural areas do not understand English.All our listeners strongly endorse you efforts and join me to send you their warm regards to a person thousands of miles away who is trying to make lives of millions of urban and rural neighbourhoods easy and comfortable. Hossain Mallick

  2. I am a brand new, first time, poster on this blog. I love reading about getting out to nature and owning land.
    Right now, I am a city dweller, living in Colorado Springs, CO.
    But I would like to get out in the country, some place where I can grow my own food and have my own chickens, goats and horses – and be within an hour or so of the Atlantic Ocean.
    Need long growing season, about 10 acres, and would like to see at least some hills and trees close by.
    .. without having to spend all of my retirement to get there ..
    Any ideas folks?

    Sidney Patin
    Colo Springs, CO

  3. Don Webb says:


    Thanks for joining the conversation. Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia are all great places to live. Land is affordable with warm growing seasons and good people. Ocean is close, as are the Smokey Mountains. Your gonna miss the mountains and the snow skiing, though.

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