Land as an Investment

Land InvestmentI don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that land is a great investment, but for most people all they hear about land investment is what they hear from some Real Estate GURU with a pitch about how to get rich quick with residential real estate.  All the gurus make it sound so easy.

But do you really want that?

The headaches of buying houses, dealing with contractors in some never ending rehab operation, then trying to find tenants……then dealing with all the problems……broken water pipes…..busted water heaters……clogged toilets.  Do you really want all of this while you work your regular job?  Who’s got the time and patience for that?

Be honest.  Do you get up every morning thinking how great it would be to be a landlord?

Me either.

Well, I’ve got news for you…..The Rockefellers didn’t build their wealth buying dumpy houses in run down neighborhoods.  They built their wealth by buying Jekyll Island.  They bought land…….raw land…….unimproved property…..timberland……land was an investment!

Land Investment . . . yeah, Investment!

Timberland (as an asset class) outperformed the S&P 500 during the big stock market run up from 1987 – 2007?  During that time the only investments that beat timberland were venture capital and private equity.  And because timberland is generally counter-cyclical to the stock market, timberland has held steady while banks, car companies, retail, and the insurance industries have all taken it on the chin.

When you hear about real estate bubble bursting….

Do you ever hear anyone mention land investment, like timberland or hobbyfarms?  Ever wonder why?  I’ll tell you why.  There was never a land bubble and there was never a burst……Only average annual compounded returns of nearly 13%!

Here’s something to think about.

In my home state of Georgia, Talbot County is one of the larger counties as measured by area or size.  The population is about 7500 people.  It is very rural with almost no industry.  But 15 years ago you could have invested in land for $400 per acre.  Today, land is going for $3000 per acre.

$20,000 in land investment then….would be worth $150,000 today.  That’s a 650% gain in only 15 years!  In fact, you could have financed it at 9% and made payments of $200 per month…..And STILL recognized a 317% gain.

What’s so special about Talbot County, Georgia?  What’s different now?


And I’ll bet there is a Talbot County in your state, with similar stories from people who took advantage of the land investment opportunity.

So….What’s holding you back?

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