Government Conservation Programs

There are many government programs available to land owners thanks to the 2008 Farm Bill.  While some are more commonly known than others, all have the potential to assist land owners with a variety of issues.  In addition to CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) which seems to be the most commonly known program, there are five programs offering financial assistance and four which are easement programs.  As with all government programs, there are stipulations as to what type of land is eligible, the length of the agreement, and the responsibilities on the part of the land owner.

Financial Assistance Programs

AMA – Agricultural Management Assistance

AWEP – Agricultural Water Enhancement Program

CSP – Conservation Stewardship Program

EDIP – Environmental Quality Incentives Program

WHIP – Wildlife Habitat Program

Easement Programs

FRPP – Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program

GRP – Grassland Reserve Program

HFRP – Healthy Forests Reserve Program

WRP – Wetlands Reserve Program

Whether you are interested in curbing water erosion or wind damage, conserving soil and water, protecting waterways, managing grasslands or forests, establishing wildlife habitat, or improving air quality, these government programs are here to assist the landowner.   There is no doubt these programs can be difficult to understand, and even the folks within the government will be the first to agree.  Over the next few weeks we will take each of these programs and put then in terms that will be easier to understand and help point any landowner in the right direction.

In the meantime, let us know what’s on your mind.  Which of these programs do you want to know more about?  What types of things do you need to know?  What are issues on your land that concern you most?  Post a comment below.

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