Conservation Tips Made Easy

We constantly receive tips on how to conserve and be better stewards of the great outdoors we have inherited.  If you are like me, sometimes when you read these tips, you see the first one, and say, “it’s impossible for me to do that” and don’t bother to read the rest that may be attainable.  I think the first one that comes to mind is the advice to carpool or take public transportation.  Great suggestion if you live in a city but for those living in rural America not only is public transportation out, for the most part carpooling is as well.  Don’t despair, there are plenty other things you can do to contribute to the conservation of this great earth….and most are things you would not think about doing…or perhaps you are doing them and haven’t realized how much it helps.

Conservation Tips

  • Do you turn off the water in the sink when shaving or brushing your teeth??
  • Do you unplug chargers not in use…..did you realize they still use about 5 watts of power per  hour even when they aren’t recharging equipment?
  • Do you keep your tires properly inflated?  Automobiles lose approximately 1% of fuel efficiency for every 3 pounds of pressure less than what is recommended
  • Do you print on both sides of the paper vs. one?  Approximately 10,000 sheets of letter paper are used by every U.S. worker each year.  Imagine the savings there!

And lastly…….gather your friends and family for a little “low tech” fun.  Play a board game, take a walk, or just sit on the porch, patio or deck.  Such activities don’t require a lot in the way of natural resource usage and offer a great way to enjoy the company of others.

More Conservation Tips from the Web

Here are some articles that have additional conservation tips:

  • Water-saving shower accessory » Communications From Elsewhere … – $9 of parts at Home Depot could save you some money in water bills. Adding a shutoff valve just before your shower head allows you to shut off the shower while you’re shaving or letting your conditioner sit, or whatever you might be doing in the shower that doesn’t require the water to be running. You can shut it off with the valve and not have to adjust the temperature with the main controls to turn it back on.
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