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  1. Bill Tuten says:

    Is there a single best way to keep our tree farm lands safe from being split up in the event of divorce or greed or debt or litigation? We have looked at LLC, Family Limited Partnerships, and other options we cannot recall. We are in analysis paralysis.
    Thanks for any assistance.
    Bill Tuten

  2. The Project says:

    Paul Neiffer, our Farm CPA expert says, “This is not an easy question to give an answer to. Both a LLC or even a trust can help accomplish this, but there is no document that can envision all of the issues that families with multiple members can have. In my opinion put the land in a LLC owned by a irrevocable trust may be the best way since you can have an independent trustee that can look out for all of the parties and remove the family from the equation. However, this does require some giving up of control by the family.”

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