Windbreaks are designed and can be beneficial for many reasons.  In certain parts of the country, there is little consideration given for a windbreak while in others it is an issue that is constantly front of mind.  I found it very interesting to learn about them and the reasons we need them.  The top reasons for creating a windbreak are:

1.  Conserve Energy – a well designed windbreak can reduce the amount of energy needed both in the winter and summer by as much as 20 – 40 percent.  

2.  Control Snow – In many parts of the country, winter snow storms can keep people stranded in their homes.  Once again, a well designed windbreak can keep or greatly reduce the amount of snow around a hose, on driveways and other work areas.

3.  Improve Living and Working Conditions – Windbreaks can not only ease the wind but reduce incredibly cold temperatures that many have to endure when working outdoors.  A well designed windbreak can also reduce the amount of unwanted sights, sounds, dust, and even odors.

4.  Increase garden and crop production – Gardens and crops benefit from windbreaks by reducing both temperature and wind.

5.  Assist in Wildlife Habitat – Multi-row windbreaks can provide a better habitat for birds and other animals.  They can also provide a “travel corridor” for wildlife between feeding, watering, and resting locations, and by providing an assortment of shrubs and trees, you will be creating a “smorgasbord” of seeds, nuts, and fruits for a wide variety of birds and animals.

For more information on windbreaks, windbreak design, and how to create a one for a specific reason, read Windbreaks for Rural Living.

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