Timberland Investment is a Hedge Against Inflation

TimberSeveral weeks ago I wrote an article advocating timberland as a sure fire way to build wealth in any economic market.  Well, it appears that I’m not the only who is getting that message.  In a recent “Investment News” article, several executives at some of the largest investment firms in America were promoting the inclusion of “hard” assets in any investment portfolio.  Hard or “tangible” investments are just that…..investments that you can put your hands on, like gold, timberland, and farms.

Hedge Against Inflation

I spoke at length last week with Dennis Moon, Head of Specialty Asset Management at Bank of America’s US Trust.  Dennis believes that timberland is a great hard asset with low risk, stable returns, and fringe benefits like hunting, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.  His philosophy for a sound timberland investment strategy parallels The Greenwood Project philosophy of value enhancement through conservation oriented stewardship of the natural resources.  Dennis says that more and more of his high net worth clients are wanting to know more, learn more, and invest more in timberland.

You can read the Investment News Article Here.


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