"My Tree"

I received this essay from my mother in law the other day.  Her cousin, who is 91 and living in Flushing, NY, wrote it just prior to moving out of a house she lived in for over 50 years.  She calls it a “letter” to her tree, and it brings to mind that you don’t have to live on 50 acres or live in rural America to appreciate the natural beauty God created. Cousin Frances lived in one of the most populated regions of this country and still understands the importance of taking care of this wonderful earth.

“My Tree”

From my window I watched you grow from a little side shoot into a full grown tree.  Not a perfect grand tree because your predecessor was a stump with thick spreading roots that did not allow you to grow straight and tall.  However, you managed in your deformed way to survive.  Sometimes you waved your curling arms in gaiety.  Other times the weight of snow or winds sent you dancing this way or that, but always interesting and beautiful to me.

I am about to leave you, “my tree” because I am too old to stay here.

To my amazement I looked out my window this morning and saw that you too are about to be removed, as if to tell me good-bye, there is no one left to love me.

Good-bye my beautiful tree.  Thank you for the cooling shade, beauty, peace of mind, and inspiration to keep growing no matter what your circumstances, and life, bring you.  Someone loved you as you were, both young and old.

Written by Frances Zompakos, 2010


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