Water Part Two: Don’t get caught up in terminology……

What is the difference between a river, a creek, a stream, and a branch?  When does a pond become a lake?  While size can play into the answer to all of these questions, the definition of these words is less important to me than what the person saying them actually means.  For example, Potato Creek in South Georgia can be a raging torrent several hundred feet across, while the Mississippi River in Minnesota is small enough to jump across.  This fact was driven home to me a year or so ago when a friend purchased 100 acres with a nice “creek” flowing through the middle.  I joined him to look it over, only to find that the creek was deep and wide, with steep banks, creating an impassable obstacle to over half of the property.  The creek was pretty to look at, but rendered nearly 50 acres inaccessible.  Did the tract have water? Yep.  Was that a good thing?  Well…..not so much.  Creeks are nice, but bigger isn’t always better. 

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