Water Part One: Does the tract have water on it?

I have been involved in land sales and purchases for many years now, and the most persistent question from land buyers (me included) is, “Does the tract have water on it?”  Good question.  As a land investor, water has always been important to me because it always seemed important to the folks I was selling land to.  But, why?  Well, a few years ago I asked an older gentleman why this was such a big deal to him.  “Son, I figure a creek would be hard to add after I buy some land, so I’d much prefer to have it from the start.”

Good answer.

In the same way location is important, so is water….and for the same reason.  They are characteristics that are hard to change.  Plus, water sources like creeks, rivers, and lakes add to the aesthetic beauty of a tract, enhance wildlife, and create enjoyment opportunities that enhance one’s personal enjoyment.

As you pursue your dream tract, you may want to consider how water resources play into your decision, but be aware that answering “yes” to the water question is just the start.  You need to dig a little deeper, knowing that water comes in three basic varieties – flowing water, lakes and ponds, and wetlands. 

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