What’s Your Outdoor Passion?

With a lot of emphasis on hunting and fishing, it is always interesting to find out what other outdoor passions people pursue.  It is even more interesting to find out what the youth of this country are doing to spend time in the outdoors.  With so much media attention given to our youth’s obsession to video games and other indoor activities, we set out to find what today’s young people and tomorrow’s leaders are doing to experience the outdoors.

Ryan Farmer, a senior in Columbus, Georgia, finds his passion for t he outdoors through photography.  I caught up with Ryan the other day and found out a little more about his interests.  Although he bought his first camera two years ago, it wasn’t until last year that he really began to pursue his interest in photography.  It all began with the decision to learn more about photography for his senior project.  The senior project at Ryan’s high school is designed to expand a student’s knowledge in an area which interests them.  Some students have decided to learn how to play a musical instrument, another learned how to fly an airplane.  Ryan chose photography, took a variety of classes, and began working with his mentor, Mr. George Batistini, on a photographic project involving rural churches in the Southwest Georgia area.  He will complete this project this Spring and will present it to his classmates and teachers as the final stage of his senior project.

Ryan told me he loves being outdoors and capturing the things he loves on film.  While photos of people are the most challenging to him, flowers and landscape shots are what he is most passionate about….and he says the Fall is his favorite time of the year!

We will be highlighting some of Ryan’s photos on the website and hope you will enjoy seeing nature through the eyes of a teenager! No matter what your age, don’t stop asking yourself what your outdoor passion is, and don’t hesitate to find a new outdoor passion to share with others.

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