Land is a Wise Investment

Land investing has proven to be a wise and successful strategy over the years.  By placing your money in land, you not only gain the financial benefits of both long term and short term investing, but you also gain the added value of use.  You do not get to use your stock certificates on the weekend to cook out and your mutual funds during hunting season.  It is the power and wisdom of land investment that enables you to reap benefits both now and later.

One of the core principles of the Greenwood Project is that land is an investment that is to be enjoyed.  When you choose to lock your liquid assets in land, you are getting more than a piece of property,  you are getting a place to experience the outdoors or create lasting memories.  Land is the only investment vehicle that will bring you more than just revenue; think of the time spent riding the ATV, Cooking out with family, or just camping on the farm.  The enjoyment of the land ownership experience is an important component to investing your hard earned money into land.

The problem that most of us have when it comes to buying land is we feel lost and the task seems overwhelming.  The fear of failure has stopped many investment deals, some of which may have been highly profitable.  The reality is we are not born with the knowledge or competency to make these investment decisions and so we back away from the opportunity.  There is a tremendous gap that exist in the minds of many “would be” land investors when it comes to the HOW of land investing.

It is the purpose of Greenwood Project to bridge the gap and make the connection between “I want to. . .” and “I did it . . . .”  The Greenwood Project has an entire educational series on how to buy land.  Land investment is only difficult if you do not have the right resources and knowledge and “Maximizing the Land Ownership Experience” is the resource you need to acquire the knowledge necessary to make that investment in land you have always wanted.


  1. Thomas Bartke says:

    Hey Don:

    I really like this blog post because you point out how you can really enjoy your investment more when you buy a piece of land. Is your educational series on buying land still available?


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