With Ownership Comes Responsibility…..


The term “Conservation Land Buyer” is routinely used to describe people who use their financial resources to acquire lands for the specific purpose of conservation.  These folks whatever their circumstances are using their financial means (which is quite often large) to “give back” or protect the earth in a way that most of us see as unattainable.

It is a noble gesture.

It is not, however a gesture limited to “nobility” or the affluent.  In fact, anyone who purchases, inherits, or already owns land, regardless of their financial means or the size of their acreage has a RESPONSIBILITY to care for it in a way that conserves it for future generations.  But here’s the good news.  Stewardship of our natural resources…..and by that I mean conservation oriented land management….not only enhances the natural resources, but the land value and the ownership experience, as well. The better you treat the land; the better the land treats you!

And here’s more good news…….You don’t have to be obscenely wealthy to play the game.  In fact, the large majority of privately held land in this country is not the playground of the wealthy, but rather the backyards, hunting lands, gentleman’s farms, and retirement getaways of the ordinary.

People just like you.


But here’s the best news.  Ordinary people……..doing ordinary things…..can achieve extraordinary results with a little land and a little know-how.  Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, enhance wildlife habitat, maximize the forest resources, restore native grasslands, or simply to have a nice place to retire…..you can make a difference!

So, get involved.  Get educated.  Get connected to the resources available to you.  Find out about wetlands management, wildlife habitat improvement, conservation easements, stream side management, Conservation Reserve Programs, The US Forest Service, NRCS, The Farm Bill, USDA, State and Local conservation programs.  Find out how these programs can benefit not only the land, but the landowner, as well.

If you want to know where to get started, just dig around on this site for lots of great information.  If you don’t find what you are looking for here, we’ll find it for you.  Just call us, or post a comment below with your question.

If you give……you get.

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