They Ain’t Making Any More of it….

jones-250-5Bet you’ve heard that at some point in your lifetime. It’s an old cliche’that will stand the test of time. At the moment the first map of the world was plotted, the birth of the idea, and the cliché that land isn’t being created any longer, has been known by all human kind.

One of the first and few things I actually learned at the local school of higher knowledge was the theory of supply and demand. Amazingly land may be the only investment in which the supply number is one that can’t change. You can’t say that for houses or condominiums or office buildings. You can’t say that about livestock, stocks, cars, or even baseball cards. The supply of these investments is determined by the demand hence, the greater the demand, the greater the supply.

However, the greater the demand for land, the greater the cost of land. 

Simply put……the supply of land never changes. It can’t! From a land investor’s perspective, it’s a beautiful thing. But land ownership is much more than an investment. The reality is most land owners did not become land owners primarily out of the need for an investment or financial gain. Most land owners became who they are by an instinctual need for relaxation, recreation, conservation, and even some through America’s greatest way of gaining financial worth,….inheritance.

But if you ask, most of them will tell you that the investment aspect of their ownership experience is merely the icing on the cake.

Some cliché’s will always remain true, “Land, they ain’t making anymore of it.”

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