Mother Nature is Waiting….

p1000531It’s still dark when the alarm clock rings. You’ve got to get moving to beat the sunrise. You crack the door to feel the October morning air. A crisp 50 degrees. Perfect weather for the morning sit. To the closet where you grab your favorite fall clothing that you’ve had now for 12 years. The colors of your clothing still blend in perfectly with the autumn woods after all these years.

A cup of coffee and a small fanny pack for the morning and you are out the door quietly not waking the family. Your place of solitude isn’t far from the cabin so you will safely beat the uprising sun by a few minutes.

As you grab your seat, you can see the orange horizon and the tree silhouettes beginning to form. The weather is perfect. The stillness of sunrise is breath taking. There is only the sound of a few early rising birds and then one hungry squirrel in the fallen leaves on the ground nearby.

As the sun rises above the trees, the crunching sound of leaves distinctly becomes evident. To your right is the same doe you saw yesterday feeding under that same white oak. You wonder to yourself how many of your friends in Surburbia have ever experienced the true beauty and peacefulness of the great outdoors. It’s just you and nature. No traffic, no neighbor’s dog, no occasional siren. None of the animals are even aware you are there. 

How wonderful it is to be a 45 year old woman in a gazebo with a cup of coffee and with her favorite book watching the sun rise………..

Everyone should experience the beauty and the solitude of the great outdoors. Whether it be from twenty feet up in a tree stand deep in an white oak hollow or only twenty yards from your back door sitting in your gazebo, the true beauty of nature can and should be experienced by all of us. Mother nature is waiting and she still doesn’t charge admission.

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