Maximize the Land Ownership Experience

The Greenwood Project objectives for 2009 and beyond center around using our experience and knowledge (derived from years in land investment, conservation, and a love of the outdoors) as the foundation to produce educational and inspirational material for those who aspire to own real estate, particularly unimproved property (timberland and recreational property).  We feel that most folks who own land or aspire to do so fall in one of three “motivational” categories – Investment, Conservation, or Outdoor Lifestyle.  Most see the benefits associated with their motivation, but fail to see the potential in the other two.  Maximizing return on investment is best accomplished by blending all three.  Increase wealth, enjoy the outdoors, and leave the planet better than you found it…..what could be better?picture-4

Our philosophy is simple – Land ownership and the responsible stewardship of our natural resources is an undeniable path to achieve BOTH your financial and quality of life goals.

We believe that most people aspire to own land.  They dream about owning a little place in the country, a get away, a place to retire, something to leave the kids, or an investment with fringe benefits.  Most people, unfortunately, will never make good on the dream of owning land, not because they don’t want to, but because they lack the knowledge and experience to connect the dots between “I want it” and ” I have it.”

The Greenwood Project can help connect those dots.

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